Blingdear: Commleaf Rose Moisture Sleeping Mask Review


Hi. Today I have a new product to review! YUPIIII. If you know me well you know, that I like to keep my skin really healthy and, thus I strike to take care of it. I love using sleeping masks because they provide hydration to our skin so the product that I'll reviewing today is "COMMLEAF ROSE SLEEPING MASK"



It’s an ultra-hydrating overnight mask infused with 70% rose water and rose petals that replenishes lost moisture while revitalizing the skin for a smooth and supple finish. This serum-like mask absorbs into the skin during sleep, providing a renewed glow by morning. This product contains 100% EWG green-grade ingredients which means it's safe for your skin. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reducing skin irritation, eczema and acne. Products that contain roses in them are very helpful for your skin. Just make sure you're not allergic to them.


Convenient overnight leave-on mask

Deeply moisturizes

Help reduce signs of aging 

Softens skin texture and brightens overall skin tone

Size: 1.65 fl oz/50 ml

*For what kind of skin is it directed? 

This sleeping mask is directed for all skin including sensitive and oily skin.


The smell of this cream is soft and fresh, has a light smell of roses. If the smells disturb you, you shouldn’t worry because it smell is very soft and fades after contact with the skin.


The texture of this sleeping mask is a gel. It's a bit heavy at first, but it isn't sticky and it absorbs well on the skin. Its color is red and pink at the same time.

*When and how to use?

After cleansing and toning, at the last step of your skincare routine, gently apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck.


*My experience: 

What I love about this mask is that, although it is heavy, it absorbs very well. The packaging is very minimalist which I love, but I think they need to improve with the paper label on the product itself. 

This sleeping mask applies very easily and smooth and leaves the skin feeling super hydrated. It delivers a cooling effect for a few minutes which I like. On the other hand it has a calming effect, it was something I didn't expect it to do but I like it. When I wake up the next morning my skin is always soft. Despite containing some anti-acne ingredients, I didn’t really find this product helpful in preventing or healing my acne. What this sleeping mask really do is brightening, plumping and moisturizing the skin which is okay. Already for my acne I use other products.


At the moment I am enjoying this sleeping mask because it illuminates and moisturizes the skin and because it's quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave a sticky finish. If you have oily skin at the beginning it's very heavy but you have to wait until it's completely absorbed.


6 months ago (19-05-16 23:38:00)

sounds interesting! sadly it’s quite hard to find this product here

Maria Tracy Jea…
7 months ago (19-04-30 16:23:00)

Sounds interesting, commleaf is one of my wishlist brand too. ♥

7 months ago (19-04-27 16:35:00)

I have this mask on my WL and it sounds perfect for my dry skin :) Those tiny rose petal particles look so pretty

7 months ago (19-04-12 11:54:00)

i hope I can try this product

7 months ago (19-04-12 09:45:00)

Wow the review is very detailed! How I wish I could try this as well but I don't know if it is available here in Philippines. ☺

7 months ago (19-04-11 23:14:00)

Hope I had a chance to use this but is sad cause I can't afford to purchase it

7 months ago (19-04-10 17:21:00)

I hope i can try this product but sadly i cant afford it. :(

7 months ago (19-04-10 02:15:00)

This product is so interested. I'm not allergic to rose, and i have a dry to oily skin which i have to moisturize everynight, i never tried an rose sleeping mask before. Hoping that i could try this one! Lovelotssss

7 months ago (19-04-09 23:41:00)

I want to try this face mask and i want to review to may YouTube channel thanks you

7 months ago (19-04-09 20:06:00)

I hope I can try this product because of its anti aging benefit and keeps your looking healthy and glowy.