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As we all know korean products are very much appreciated all over the world. We all want to have a perfect skin just like them so we try so many produ… READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  Duds

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Beauty products

I love beauty products because it can make you more confident to face everybody READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  Michlenzo

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Honestly I startedly have interest in make up nowadays because I thought make ups can do ruin your skin haha I called myself as late bloomer because w… READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  CherryAnnVilori…

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I really want to learn makeup skills...I've been interested since I'm 14 and I'm 18.....but in order to learn those skills I must have makeup product… READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  Nur Nabihah Bin…

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My experience in using liptints

I honestly tried to used a etude house liptint and it's super long lasting in my lips and it's not heavy to used unlike the other liptints and it's mo… READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  MybelleMagno

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Some by mi toner

I have been using this product and its amazed me. After only just a week, with this tree tea oil formula toner, my skin felt healthier and smoother. T… READ MORE

May 19, 2019 |  Faisya

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Korean Beauty Products suits my skin very well

I have a skin which is kind of sensitive and oily so when it comes to choosing a product to use on my skin, I am quite picky. I tried a lot of product… READ MORE

May 18, 2019 |  Nayeon


Do you love watching K-dramas? An international fan? Deeply inlove with everything about it? Well yeah! Read this post. Probably you'll notice all … READ MORE

May 18, 2019 |  Doughna

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I really wants to try using korean skincare. Furthermore, my face is breakout because of hormonal acne. I hope i get the chance to try it. READ MORE

May 18, 2019 |  Izyana

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Never tried on makeup

Honestly makeup looks disgusting to me (no offence) i just dont like maleup i guess. I have never used any makeup products. I was thinking about buyin… READ MORE

May 18, 2019 |  Rena