[Huxley] Cleansing water : be clean, be moist

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Deep moisturizing cleansing water, enriched with cactus extract, that effectively removes harmful substances and makeup.

Brands Huxley
Condition Product available.
Category [메인] BRAND - #1
원산지 Korea
Weight 300 g
Capacity 200 ml
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The cleansing water is much less stimulating than other water type cleansing waters with the cactus extract contained instead of purified water.

Contains orange and lemon extract rich of AHA ingredient, helping with dead skin cell elimination, tending the skin smooth and clean.

The cleansing water with cactus extract base and hyaluronic acid has superb moisturizing effect.

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2 Better than I expect 평점평점평점평점평점 QI** 2018/06
1 It cleans my face 평점평점평점평점평점 Jo** 2018/06
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