[Huxley] Anti Gravity Cream

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An antioxidant-rich cream that smoothes over rough and dull skin.

Brands Huxley
Condition Product available.
Category [메인] BRAND - #1
원산지 Korea
Weight 230 g
Capacity 50 ml
Total Amount

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When skin is stressed by harmful external environments, stimulation, and etc., it releases excessive free radicals and free radicals speed up the aging process. 

Pamper your stressed skin with CREAM; ANTI-GRAVITY, providing rich nourishment to the skin to keep it healthy.

The unique feature of the cream is the rich nutrition and smooth texture. Protects the skin from external hazards and skin stress.



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2 Amazing texture and sinks into skin. 평점평점평점평점평점 TI** 2018/06
1 Feels like silk 평점평점평점평점 Mo** 2018/06
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