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[Forencos] PH5.5 Efficacy Hyaluron Toner Mist

28.00 16.24

Mild acidic carbonic acid Mist & Toner made today.

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원산지 Korea
Weight 220g
Capacity 75ml
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PH 5.5 Weak acid tablets Toner Mist - More effective by prescription for skin adjustment up!

So that it can be filled in anytime, anywhere! Mist and Toner. PH 5.5. Sparking water. Anti-Pollution. D.I.Y Mist.

The moisture inside and outside the skin changed by instant water filling. Provides a moist skin texture without pounding.


Moisturizing , soothing, and so on. Moisture film oil helps healthy, smooth skin texture.

When the skin exfoliates ans the skin is dry, put toner on the cosmetic cotton. Put it on your face and use it as a moisture nutrition pack before makeup. 

* Triple hyaluronic acid

Real moisturizing moisture to hold tight. Moisture transfer to the dermal layer.

* Double moist

Skin surface moisture management, moist moisturizing care, double moisturizing at the same time.

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