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Writer 운영자 Date 2018-06-15

Welcome to BLINGDEAR !

We are global K-Beauty (and some of Asian beauty) online store

We offer international shipping worldwide ♡

If you are not really familiar with the international shopping, just follow me to learn super easy process!





(1) Sign up BLINGDEAR first and get $3 welcome credit

(2) Browsing our store and add products you want to buy to your shopping cart : Click [Cart] button to add more, or [Buy Now] button for a single order

(3) If you have any coupons or mileage for discount, you can apply them on the 'Order' page





Above things are very simple and normal like your domestic purchasing

Let keep it up!






(4) Fill out the 'order form'










(5) Proceed to the payment page








(6) Make a payment with 'Paypal'











(7) If you don't have Paypal account, you may simply put your debit/credit card information after clicking 'Create an Account' button








Now it's all done ! 

We'll dispatch the package and update you the tracking number very soon!




BD ♥